Full Restaurant Management

Efficiency is the key to success in any quick service restaurant. The simplicity of SmartKart enables your staff to focus their attention on your customers rather than on the computer. Finally, there’s a software that can keep up with your staff!


Fast, Efficient and Advanced

SmartKart can handle a large number of checkouts without any clutter. It will ensure you can take payments efficiently even during rush service.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most important objective in the restaurant industry. SmartKart's fast and easy-to-use POS software is designed to help you increase profit margins and focus your attention on the customer.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority in the restaurant industry. With SmartKart, you can spend more time with your guests, and less time on the computer processing orders.

Intuitive, Robust Register - Does Not Let You Down

SmartKart POS is fast and efficient. It can handle whatever you throw at it and will not let you down when you need it most.


Reservations and Wait Lists

Take reservations for any time of day, even into the future, from any workstation. Even make a waitlist on the fly.


Inventory Management

SmartKart POS facilitates real-time inventory management to keep your products organized.


Floor/Table Layout

Manage the floor or table layout directly from the SmartKart system to ensure smooth service.


Employee Scheduling

Create schedules for your employees - manage them more efficiently and make your life easier.


Centralized Cashier

SmartKart provides you with a centralized cashier system to help manage your restaurant better.


Centralized Reporting

SmartKart centralizes all your reports to give you a clear picture of your profits and margins.


Service Sales Contests

Arrange contests and incentives for your employees to take your business to the next level.


Electronic Coupons

Generate and manage electronic coupons for your customers directly from SmartKart.

Manage and Control Everything from a Powerful Dashboard

Products, customers, orders, transactions, activities & reports - track everything from a well-organized dashboard and always stay in control.

Reservations and Wait List

The reservations and wait list module are standard SmartKart features. Take reservations for any time or day in the future from any workstation. This feature has the ability to send confirmation emails, auto-queue reservations onto the wait list, and send text message alerts to awaiting guest’s cell phones, eliminating the need for a third-party paging system.

PDA/Handheld Wireless Terminals

Use wireless terminals to keep track of reservations and customers on the wait list. Easily walk through the restaurant and see which tables are available and notify guests by text message when their table is ready.

Drive-Thru Functionality

Speed of service is the name of the game. SmartKart’s drive-thru feature allows orders to be quickly and accurately timed, bagged, and sold whether you have a single drive-thru window, multiple windows, or multiple lanes. The quick tender function allows you to accept a payment from the car at the window while taking the next order without having to change screens, increasing efficiency and speed of service.

Conversational Ordering

This feature allows your customers to order as they please in a conversational style so they feel more comfortable. Conversational ordering also helps remind cashiers of up sell opportunities.

PDA/Tablet Point of Sale

SmartKart has the capability to run on a PDA or Tablet PC to conveniently cater to your patrons’ needs. Give your staff the freedom to take drink and food orders from anywhere on-site and even take credit card payments wirelessly. This will give them more time to build customer relationships, which leads to better service and more opportunities to increase sales.


Phone orders can get complicated. SmartKart eliminates the confusion and helps prevent mistakes. The system will not go to the next page unless you fill out the required information: name, phone number, and address, if necessary. Simply touch “Re-Order” if the same items are requested. Never lose track of orders with the ‘Order Pending’ alert, or set your back-office to automatically print pending orders to the kitchen at the appropriate time.


We Only Sell To Restaurants that are a Good Fit for SmartKart

To ensure you get a fully working, 100% accurate and efficient system, we first check with you to see if your business is the right fit for our solution. After some questions, we will only sell to businesses that fit our features to ensure you get the most out of SmartKart.