What is SmartKart?

We wanted to find a way to automate data that you could actually use and benefit from, which is why we built SmartKart.

Everyone should have the opportunity to expand their business. SmartKart is a simple and easy-to-use tool that empowers business owners to grow their business. The platform is a one-stop POS solution that works for all types of businesses, big or small.

We’re empowering local retail, restaurant, supermarket and cafe owners with automated, predictive data, to help them better manage their sales, orders, customers, products, and inventory.

Why SmartKart

Monitor sales and reward your customers through discounts and promotions. You can set and manage them directly from the dashboard.


Actionable Data on Autopilot

You need actionable data that you can count on. SmartKart facilitates the automation of useful, actionable data at your fingertips that you can use to grow your business.


Automated and Optimized

You need a system that is optimized for your business and understands your needs. SmartKart is easy-to-use, fully automated and optimized for businesses just like yours.


Intelligent Data

SmartKart delivers you an intelligent analysis of how your business is doing so that you can make the right decisions moving forward.


Customer Centric

Customers are the life of your business. To maintain and reach new customers you need to have a way of managing, tracking and rewarding them. SmartKart is built for customers and great customer service.


Fast, Simple and Easy Checkout

The SmartKart checkout is the centerpiece of your day-to-day business activities. SmartKart ensures a fast and simple checkout that will make your life easier.


Wide Distribution

We have been receiving amazing feedback from a large number of businesses that have been using SmartKart POS, thanks to the efficiency of our distribution system.

More Juice to Boost Your Business.

SmartKart comes with a variety of ways to boost your business.


Increase Sales and Boost Your Business

Using a fast and efficient POS system will ensure the checkout process goes smooth, resulting in an increase in sales and exponential business growth.


Deep Customer Relationships

Customers are the real assets of your business. SmartKart enables you to establish deep relationships with your customers through a strong CRM module that comes ready-to-use right out of the box.


Reward Your Customers

Your customers deserve to be rewarded. Set and manage discounts and promotions directly from the dashboard.


24/7 Dedicated Support

Each store or outlet buying from us gets a dedicated project manager, who ensures that the software installation goes smoothly.


Annual transactions handled


Gift cards processed


Loyalty points processed


Around the clock support